Forced Evolution: Apocalypse

Novel in eBook Format

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He was a misanthropic prepper, survivalist with a plan. When the outbreak he has been anticipating arrives, he finds out that he was not only right about the fragility of human civilization but also dealing with the uninfected is much harder than dealing with the infected. Knowing that he needs other people to survive and thrive, will he be able to gather people around him and become the core of their community or will he be declared persona non grata by the people he had guided to survival?

Tags: Post-apocalyptic survival, prepper, survivalism, viral outbreak, pandemic, epidemic, dystopia, post-apocalyptic literature, post-apocalyptic fiction.

Info about the book

373 pages7-8 hours to read101.000 words in total

Click here to BUY the book on Rakuten Kobo.

Click here to go to the book’s page on Rakuten Kobo.

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